Wait– Did Siggy Flicker Really Hire Someone To Bully Margaret Josephs? UPDATED AGAIN Dec 26th #RHONJ

ANOTHER UPDATE! I’m sure everyone has heard by now that Siggy Flicker’s departure from RHONJ was really a termination due to her publicist harassing Margaret Josephs, bloggers and fans on Twitter. Bravo was told of the harassment awhile ago and more was revealed during the reunion. Bravo chose to wait until the season ended before dumping Flicker.
Thanks Bravo, you kind of suck.

UPDATE: It seems Twitter is aware of the problem. Half a dozen people I know received the following Twitter notification on the twitter account @A1_buckwheat.


Deja Vu all over again.

Remember back in March when Perez Hilton and other online magazines ran a story about LeAnn Rimes hiring someone to troll Brandi Glanville? This is an homage to that story because… surprise! …the trolls are back.

The same crew is at it again only this time they’re working for Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania.  This time they’re going after anyone who criticizes or says anything negative about Siggy Flicker and this time they’re targeting new RHONJ housewife Margaret Josephs and her fans.

When Brandi Glanville and actress Kristen Johnson were being trolled it was through Cyber Security Consulting, a business operating under the auspices of the law firm of Patrick Spina in Totowa, New Jersey, and run by his wife, Vinnie Leonelli-Spina, a former lawyer who was disbarred in 2008 for misappropriating funds for her clients. Cyber Security Consulting also had a convicted drug dealer and self confessed hacker, Brandon King, as an employee.

Within the last year, Vinnie’s security consulting operation morphed into A Diamond PR, a public relations business. A new name, a new website but the same old trolls. ADiamond PR seems to mainly operate on social media and to have only three clients: Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania and a band called Memories Music.

Apparently as part of the services she provides in her public relations business, Vinnie has started using the legal system as a tool to harass her targets. She’s already filed three police complaints and even threatened to file one against Margaret Josephs to get her Direct Messages on Twitter. She thinks Margaret and I are plotting against her secretly.

If you think Vinnie’s choice of occupations is bizarre you’re absolutely correct. If you throw in unethical, illegal and crazy you’d be even more on the money. Vinnie takes the RHONJ franchise way too seriously and goes way overboard in defending her housewife of choice. The first amendment doesn’t apply when it comes to her housewives, nobody is allowed to say anything negative about Siggy and Dolores.

However Vinnie is out of her league with Margaret Josephs. Way out of her league.

In April, Vinnie filed criminal harassment charges against me. For the sake of my legal defense, I had to stop blogging about her shenanigans but on October 23rd, she filed another complaint. She did this in secret, neither my lawyer in New Jersey or myself was informed so the complaint turned into a warrant last Friday.

Vinnie filed in the wrong jurisdiction,using a fraudulent address, and accused me of being social media accounts I am not, and of doing things I did not do.

The original case has been going on for 7 months now and still hasn’t officially started. Fighting Vinnie in court will take forever and I’m sure she’ll keep filing complaints so I’m going back to blogging about her. I’m taking the gloves and the muzzle off.

So Vinnie, you might want to get a ream of police complaints. Everybody else, you might want to stock up on popcorn. I’ve kept my mouth shut about this for too long so for the next week at least, keep checking in here at IronTroll cuz I got a lot to tell you…

Besides running the @A1_buckwheat account, Vinnie also has an account for her blog, FauxRealityEntertainment, which is @FauxRealityM,  and her public relations business account @aDiamondPR. Her other known account is @MemoriesMusicUS.

Her most infamous partner in crime is Brandon King who’s had 5 accounts suspended in the past couple of weeks. He’s now running the accounts @13klng and @dustybrownhole

Her other long time companions in trolling are @5pudz13 , @chickencounter,  @Yin_Yang_Wong@SamusAran2020 @lisa6654 and @jenagain2000