Inside The Web Of A Stalker, New Book Due Out Next Week

Oh my goodness, Tommy Retzlaff is gonna be immortalized!

Career criminal, conman, and stalker, Tom Retzlaff, is the subject of an unauthorized biography due out next week. To add insult to butthurt, this true crime, nonfiction book has been penned by Retzlaff’s archenemy, private investigator Phil Klein.

The last I heard, Inside The Web Of A Stalker was scheduled for a November 14th release. I haven’t seen an advance copy, but Retzlaff has been one of our more curious characters covered here on Irontroll so I know a lot about Tommy. His criminal escapades are truly bookworthy.

Klein made a good choice in selecting Retzlaff as the subject of his book. Not only is it the perfect revenge for all the harassment he’s endured, but there’s just so much material the book is bound to be interesting.

Thomas Christopher Retzlaff is essentially a chronic failure but he’s a trust fund baby so he’s never had to work for a living. He never completed college and has no training or degrees in any field, but he just loves to pretend he’s a lawyer. He actually worked for a law firm in San Antonio and got away with it until he sent a death threat to one of his co-workers. That crazy Tommy and his shenanigans!

To his credit, Tom studied law pretty zealously. So zealously that he burglarized the law library of his local courthouse to steal law books. He ended up at that same courthouse facing charges not only for stealing the books but trying to fool law enforcement with a forged checkout slip for the stolen books!

Tommy is most infamous for having posted nude pictures of his own daughter all over the internet. Most of them have been taken down but Tommy posted them on his website, viaviewfiles. Twice. He also posed as the owner of revenge porn sites, and, ending up as a guest on Anderson Coopers show.

Retzlaff really gets a thrill out of being a bad boy. For him, the legal system is a weapon to be used against his enemies or as a tool for his own advantage yet he considers himself to be above the law which is typical of someone who obsesses easily.

Tommy’s been divorced for over 20 years but still hangs around his ex-wife and her husband as the ever present third wheel. He stalked and harassed a Chinese foreign exchange student 10 years ago but still has a parody page of her on facebook that he uses to harass his new obsessions. In particular, Retzlaff seems obsessed with Phil Klein. He had a parody website on Klein for years and still writes about Klein on his current blog.

Tommy lost parental rights of his two children twenty years ago for numerous reasons, but chief among them was being sexually inappropriate with his kids. He kept a can of Crisco next to his chair in the living room, along with all his porn, so he could masturbate while he watched porn on the TV. He sodomized his wife and video taped it so he could watch it. Yeah, he kept that video next to his chair in the living room too.

These days, Tommy has been involved in assorted lawsuits. He’s the secret stooge for his long time mentor, attorney Jeffery Dorrell, sending threats to opposing counsel in Dorrell’s cases. He even put on his lawyer costume ( dark suit, power tie and briefcase) and persuaded GoDaddy to turn over websites to him in a case that isn’t over yet.

Tommy also keeps busy with his website, where he writes articles slamming people he doesn’t like or people involved in lawsuits with Jeffery Dorrell. Besides the revenge porn photos of Retzlaff’s daughter, the site is known for the doxes and death threats left in the comments section of the blog.

The comments section has become a soapbox for many of the curious characters written about on Irontroll. Neal Rauhauser is there a lot and has admin privileges. You’ll also see comments from A1_Buckwheat and her sidekick, Brandon King. There are many comments from Sue Basko informing everyone that Sue Basko is wonderful. The K8H8ers comment a lot about being nice little old ladies, including Jennifer D’allessandro explaining how she really didn’t hack the website she was arrested for. Kathy Scott shows up to rant about stalkers. And JoJo Camp would comment there before he was arrested. The site is pretty creepy but if you’re studying psychology, it’s a great place to go to observe personality disorders.

Tommy’s stalking is ongoing so I consider Klein’s book to be part one. Tommy is still on the loose and hiding in Arizona so I’m sure there will be a sequel once Karma catches him and sticks him back behind bars where he belongs.

But for now, we have Inside The Web Of A Stalker, tell everybody you know! Buy the book as a Christmas gift for your friends and relatives!