Dear Siggy, This Is What Toxic Looks Like

Siggy Flicker’s latest buzz words are “Toxic People” but before she blocks everybody on Twitter she might want to take a closer look at Team Siggy.

A1_Buckwheat and her buddy, Brandon King, have been harassing celebrities and regular people on Twitter for years. Buckwheat even has a large section of her blog, FauxRealityEntertainment, dedicated to “trolls” and by trolls she means anyone she doesn’t like.
Brandon does most of her dirty work and owned several websites where he and Buckwheat illegally posted the personally identifying information of a score of people before the websites were suspended.
Now it’s my opinion that Siggy is not the only one who tweets from her account. At times @SiggyFlicker sounds so much like Buckwheat that she ought to change her avatar to match Buckwheats.
I could certainly be wrong about this, Siggy might actually be a raving nutjob with a personality disorder, but even if I’m wrong, the first amendment guarantees every American, even me, the right to voice their opinion.

But on Twitter, Buckwheat and Brandon and their trolling crew seem to be working off a different set of civil rights. If they don’t like your opinion, they believe they have the right to punish you. And if Margaret Josephs likes your opinion they feel entitled to punish you.

I think Siggy would use another of her buzz words and call this ‘entitlement’.

I made one tweet which got Team Siggy all riled up even though most of them have me blocked.