Faux Flicker Subtweets Zile

Even though I am a very famous celebrity I was so very flattered to hear that my very dear friend, Siggy Flicker was subtweeting me.

With 360,000 followers on her account I am amazed she could find the time to direct some snark in my direction. It just shows what a loving and giving person she is.
Since my first non-interaction with Siggy in March, I have been claiming that someone other than Siggy is running her account. But now that we’re in the midst of RHONJ season and the Siggy account is more active, I think I was right about Faux Flicker.
Alt Siggy has had my account blocked since March, yet she knows what I tweet. Unless she’s one of my many readers here on Iron Troll!
Despite Faux Flicker’s claims about #Resist, I have no other accounts on Twitter nor have I created any bot accounts to troll her. I have no need to do that, she has enough people who think she’s goofy.

And you know what else I haven’t done? I also haven’t bought 300,000 followers for my account to make me look popular.