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When Free Speech Becomes Illegal In New Jersey, The Second Complaint

Here’s the second complaint filed against me. I can only guess a second complaint was filed because I kept blogging about Vinnie Spina. Most of the screen captures she includes are pictures from irontroll blog. As I’ve stated elsewhere, the memes I use as headers on the articles are almost always tied into the article. Sometimes the picture says more

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Where I Become Queen Bullyville, The First Complaint

With Siggy’s publicist raging out of control and attacking bloggers, I figured it’s time to post the complaints and discovery evidence for the complaints filed against me. Siggy’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, has been using extortionate threats to silence free speech. Last year she got IronTroll blog suspended 5 times in 2 months. The suspensions stopped when I complained of harassment

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Faux Flicker Fired And Packs Up Her Troll Army #RHONJ

UPDATE: I was almost finished with this post when news that Siggy was actually fired broke. Siggy was canned because her publicist, Vinnie Spina, hired hundreds of troll accounts to go after Margaret Josephs. Vinnie has 3 complaints filed against me for harassment, she’s going to have to explain about Siggy during our next court hearing. My header meme above

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Team Siggy Harasses SheKnows Writer; May 3, 2017 #RHONJ

Attacking as a team is one of the specialties of Siggy’s core group of trolls led by Toni Mollica, aka A1_Buckwhat, of the FauxRealityEntertainment blog and her paid tool, Brandon King. If you check the Twitter timelines of Mollica, King, and crew you’ll find they spend most of their time on social media subtweeting about other people or trolling them.

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