Which Real Housewife Is The Next Victim? Which Real Housewife Fan Will Be Targeted? #RHONJ

Update December 7th: Brandon thinks I’m mad. I’m not mad at all.

Meanwhile his cronies started trolling friends of Margaret…proving my point in writing this post.

As Season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey draws near its conclusion, you may be missing a little bit of the drama going on behind the scenes on Twitter.

The Real Housewives franchise has been the focus for contentious fights, feuds, and flame wars since it began. A couple years ago though, the fighting and feuding escalated into something more vicious with threats of violence and rape and the posting of personal information (doxes) online, and websites created with defamatory and pornographic content.

Much of the escalation was fueled by Faux Reality, the blogger behind FauxRealityEntertainment who created the online “security business” Cyber Security Consulting, and began playing pitbull for reality stars by doxing and harassing their critics. It was Bucky’s employee, Brandon King, who registered the doxing websites, trolldox.com, tr0lls.com and his girlfriend registered tr0llz.com.

Back then, Buckwheat and her crew went after Skyler and Grace, the transgendered women who ran QueenzOfMedia, they also went after actress Kristen Johnston, blogger Ed Brophy, the Smiley family and many others.

Those same people have been active during this season of RHONJ, instigating fights and trolling others on behalf of Siggy Flicker. Because of the tv feud between Siggy and Margaret Josephs can you guess which housewife Buckwheat and her crew have been going after lately?

I imagine we’ll be seeing a nasty article soon about Margaret Josephs, or someone close to her, show up on the Faux Reality Entertainment blog soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another harassment complaint filed in New Jersey. Lawfare seems to be the latest tactic.

So if you want to see more drama and grown adults acting out, check the timelines of ringleader Toni @A1_Buckwheat, along with her employee Brandon King (he does most of the dirty work) at @dirtreynolds and his sock account @DustyBrownHole. There’s also Brandon’s girlfriend, Heather Martin, @Tits_Deep.

Don’t forget perennial cronies and trolls, Spudzy, EvsMom, Bucky’s other account Chickie and the bit players @Moe_green7, brave Lisa @lisa6654 who joins in from behind a locked account and vulnerable adults, Miley @SamusAran2020, and Elyssa ChillliePenguin.

Looking at those timelines will be an education in human dysfunction.