Texas Dismisses Trolls Bar Complaint

Score a point for justice and the good guys!

The State Bar of Texas has dismissed the bar complaint filed by Brandon King against attorney Steve Harrelson.

Those of you who follow this blog know the bar complaint was filed after Bullyville posted an affidavit from Harrelson about the real identity of Toni Mollica.

The back story on Steve Harrelson and Brandon King is that Harrelson was one of the unfortunate attorney’s who represented Brandon during his decade long attempt to get custody of his kid.

Harrelson had problems with Brandon and with getting paid so he withdrew from the case back in 2015. Brandon ended up in jail for contempt of court because he hadn’t paid child support in 8 years. He blamed Harrelson for that.

Now I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure no judge on earth will grant custody to a noncustodial parent who has deliberately not paid child support in 8 years. But Brandon left nasty comments on Harrelson’s facebook page making him responsible. Because that’s what trolls do.

In 2016, Brandon’s kid was viciously attacked by a 16 year old kid, the incident was captured on videotape and got a lot of media attention in Arkansas. Brandon posted the video on Harrelson’s Facebook page and blamed Harrelson for the random attack. Because that’s what trolls do.

After Harrelson’s affidavit was made public, Brandon again went to Harrelson’s Facebook account and started trolling him again with nasty comments. Harrelson responded by posting a notice to Brandon that he’d go to the judge with information about Brandon, that gave Brandon something with which to file a grievance with the State Bar of Texas in June of this year. A year and a half after Harrelson removed himself from Brandon’s custody case.

Brandon’s complaint was investigated. And dismissed.

No doubt Brandon will be leaving more nasty comments about Mr Harrelson. Because that’s what trolls do.

These are screen shots from Harrelson’s Facebook Page