More Harassment From Team Siggy

I’ve heard Bravo doesn’t believe there’s a harassment problem on Twitter involving their Reality TV shows.

Really Bravo? Does no one in your PR department ever google any of your Real Housewives shows? Nobody checks out any of the blogs that cover any of your shows? Never heard of Faux Reality Entertainment? None of your Real Housewives have ever complained about harassment?

Oh wait, yeah, there was that heartwarming exchange between Andy and Siggy where he suggested she leave Twitter. to get away from the trolls…

That was amazingly ironic since this year Siggy has managed to not only become involved with the most toxic troll on Twitter, but has her tweeting for her from her @SiggyFlicker account.

That individual, A1_Buckwheat, aka Faux Reality, aka Toni Mollica has been responsible for chasing several people off Twitter, getting people fired from their jobs, filing false copyright complaints, impersonating a lawyer to threaten illegal action, posting other people’s personal information publicly online, posting the pictures of minor children online and much more including the posting of revenge porn.

Since Bravo TV and Andy haven’t heard about any of this I thought I’d do a couple of posts on IronTroll to inform them of what they’ve been overlooking missed. I began with Siggy’s Team Goes Full Racist and this post is about a friend of Andy Cohen’s, the two time Emmy award winning actress and best selling author, Kristen Johnston.

Today, December 12th, is the third anniversary of the day Faux Reality, aka A1_Buckwheat aka Toni Mollica, and her employee, Brandon King, purchased the web domain,

That means the domain registration expires today. I’m sure Bucky will renew it for another year but Kjo the Smart Ass is the registered trademark of Kjo and the name she uses on her Twitter account. She began using the name in 2011, had it registered in 2014 after Brandon and Buckwheat purchased the domain, and the trademark became official on August of 2016.

Continuing to register the domain every year is deliberate trademark infringement; and in Texas, where Brandon lives, it’s considered felony impersonation. There’s no doubt that he and Buckwheat purchased the domain to harass, intimidate, demean, and cause harm to Kristen Johnston.

Below is a version of as it appeared after Kjo’s lawyer wrote to have the defamatory article with its revenge porn removed. Brandon and Buckwheat’s reply was to post the email and mock the Kjo and her lawyer.

I should note that Kristen Johnston has been clean and sober for over a decade, which is something she takes great pride in. She serves as role model for many people in recovery, showing that there is indeed life after addiction. Despite repeated allegations by Buckwheat and Brandon, Kristen has been, and still is, sober.

The website, as posted in 2014, contained a non-consensual photo of transgendered woman, Skyler St. Coxx, which I have redacted. Non-consensual photo is the legal term for Revenge Porn. The picture was posted without Skyler’s permission in an attempt to demean and cause her harm.

Skyler was the other host of the Queenz of Media radio show and besides cohosting that number 1 show for transgendered persons, Skyler was a prostitute. That was her choice and she wasn’t ashamed of it, so the attempted slut shaming by Brandon and Buckwheat didn’t affect her. Skyler being a prostitute might bother you, but it didn’t bother her.

During the time since the website was posted, Skyler passed away. I didn’t know her, but on behalf of the LGBTQ community and as a human being, I have to say how revolting I find Brandon and Buckwheat’s dehumanizing treatment of transgendered women.

Posting non-consensual nude pictures is a criminal act. The laws in New Jersey and Texas are quite clear about that. Nowhere in the statutes does it make an exception if the pictures are of a prostitute or a transgendered woman. They have the same rights as anyone else including free speech. It’s just too bad if that upsets you.

I hope Andy or someone at Bravo TV read the webpages that were posted on that are posted below. Hopefully the next time Andy discusses trolls with Siggy, he’ll tell her to stop enabling and employing them.

Toxic is as Toxic does.