Calling Out Faux Flicker, Bomb Shelter?

I have nothing against Siggy really, it’s the company she keeps that I take issue with. She’s in regular contact with the worst trolls on Twitter.

Her accusations that I’ve created sock puppet accounts on Twitter in order to troll her are silly.  I have just one account but since she got my attention, I couldn’t help noticing a few things about Siggy that have me puzzled.

Okay, that claim about having been born in a bomb shelter in Israel during the 6 Day War sounded a little larger than life. As it turns out the 6 Day War began on June 5th when the air raid sirens went off at 7:45 in the morning. The war lasted 6 days and ended on June 10th.

Siggy was born June 1st.

That’s 4 days before Israel began their air strike which pretty much took out the whole Egyptian air force.

So her claim doesn’t make sense unless her family was living in a bomb shelter prior to the start of the war. I suppose that’s possible. Or maybe she made it all up to make herself sound more interesting?

It’s just a little weird that the person who claims to be honest and upfront and authentic isn’t quite that.

What really has me curious is this bit of info.

BARUCH, NACHUM married a bride named SIGALIT PALDIEL in the year 1994 on license number 25805 issued in Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.A

Siggy’s maiden name is Sigalit Paldiel. Has Siggy been neglecting to mention her first marriage in her claims of being a relationship expert?

It appears Siggy has been married 3 times, unless she left him at the alter. But Siggy and Nachum were living at the same address in Van Nuys and she’s listed in places on the internet as Siggy Baruch so it sure looks like they were married.

The marriage and relationship expert seems to have been not quite as honest and authentic as she boasts. What’s up with that?

There’s nothing wrong with having been married 3 times, except when you try to hide it.

Looking at you, Faux Flicker.