Team Siggy Harasses SheKnows Writer; May 3, 2017 #RHONJ

Attacking as a team is one of the specialties of Siggy’s core group of trolls led by Toni Mollica, aka A1_Buckwhat, of the FauxRealityEntertainment blog and her paid tool, Brandon King.

If you check the Twitter timelines of Mollica, King, and crew you’ll find they spend most of their time on social media subtweeting about other people or trolling them. They do this for for hours and hours, day after day.

When they attack one of the people they don’t like, it starts with one of them confronting their target with questions that evolve into accusations. As more of the group join in the trolling, the accusations turn into insults and outright character assassination.

Here they are in May of this year, going after Christina Marf, a writer for after she published an article about the hiring of a paid troll by LeAnn Rimes which was also covered by The Dirty and Perez Hilton. Christina handled the attack very well. She put up with the trolls for awhile then blocked them.

It’s a shame Siggy hooked up with Mollica and King. She picked up some bad methods of dealing with the public and went down a rabbit hole that I don’t think ends in a place she wants to be.

In the tweets below Toni Mollica is A1_Buckwheat and ChickenCounter. Brandon King is SCHM3H and his girlfriend Heather Martin is Tits_Deep.

 💀Schmeh @SCHM3H
.@YahooStyle This article is completely untrue, libelous and defamatory. Remove it immediately.
.@SheKnowsMedia @Sheknows How many accounts do you have and which one of you answers questions? @Support
Where does it “reveal” in “court documents” that “Rimes and Krupa worked together to contract a convicted felon to bully Glanville online.”
Replying to @SCHM3H @christinamarf and 2 others
Your quote, your libelous allegation, your defamatory article, surely you can provide the quote from the court documents that states this.
Replying to @SCHM3H @TheWittyKitten and 2 others
Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Do show us the court documents that say the things you’re claiming. @christinamarf @SheKnows @YahooStyle
7:35 PM – 3 May 2017
She blocked me because…she messed up? @CTVW5
.@YahooNews @YahooStyle The author of this article knowingly made false and libelous statements, who fact checks your articles?
Replying to @SCHM3H @TheWittyKitten and 3 others
Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Do show us the court documents that say the things you’re claiming. @christinamarf @SheKnows @YahooStyle
Replying to @Tits_Deep @5pud2 and 2 others
but she did, she lied and mentioned a court document that wasn’t there. IMO She has a huge problemo
She’s disgusting… even more so because she won’t answer for the garbage she’s posting online about innocent people.
Replying to @Tits_Deep @5pud2 and 2 others
now she has 2 problemos. It is also a very bad reflection on that site where she posted. I wouldn’t want ads on a site that has that garbage
💀Schmeh Retweeted 🐐Schmether
.@SheKnows @SheKnowsMedia Hello, this!!!
💀Schmeh added,
🐐 Schmether @Tits_Deep
Replying to @TheWittyKitten @5pud2 and 2 others
Who writes an article based on a court document but doesn’t bother actually reading the court document? Quit your job, @christinamarf wtf.
 💀Schmeh Retweeted
Replying to @Tits_Deep @5pud2 and 2 others
judging by the content “no court document” to be found to boot. She IMO needed clicks. Real shady
Replying to @TheWittyKitten @SCHM3H and 3 others
She’s deleted her tweet then unlocked. How professional. She should delete her article. Pure fiction
Replying to @SCHM3H @christinamarf and 2 others
Christina wrote the fake article without checking any facts for @sheknows
Replying to @RadioNewzBlog @SCHM3H and 2 others
That and a li’l bit of her own lies added to the mix. Fake News just as i stated
I didn’t think Yahoo prescribed to #FakeNews. That’s very disappointing.
faux chickie 🦊 🐓 🎄‏ @chickencounter
Replying to @Tits_Deep @TheWittyKitten and 2 others
#FakeNews is not an ideal career path.
Faux Bucky 🦊 🐓 🎄‏ @Al_Buckwheat
I bet you never read the transcript / court docs. You just copied a story. Good luck
12:22 PM – 3 May 2017
Replying to @5pud2 @TheWittyKitten and 3 others
How can someone publish this libelous garbage without verifying the facts? Real question, .@sheknows Hello?
Replying to @RadioNewzBlog @5pud2 and 3 others
How does someone “admit on record” they “allegedly” did something? Serious question. What kind of journalism is that?
Replying to @SCHM3H @christinamarf and 2 others
Rather than defending your integrity as a journalist and proving the claims you make in your article, you lock up? Seems legit…
Replying to @TheWittyKitten @Tits_Deep and 2 others
Then deleted the tweet. Why doesn’t @SheKnows defend it’s publication and writers?
Replying to @SCHM3H @christinamarf and 2 others
You’re misrepresenting the facts at best, committing flat out libel at worst. You should prepare to back your statements in court. Cheers.