NJ Supreme Court Limits Cyber Harassment Law

Today the New Jersey Supreme Court published an opinion that just happens to be related to the charges filed against irontroll blog in New Jersey.

New laws created by states, counties, or cities often impinge on civil rights or violate the constitution and already established laws at a Federal level. That’s the case with the New Jersey law on cyber harassment that was abused to file 3 charges against me. The law attempts to make speech a crime by considering it as criminal conduct if it annoys someone.

If annoying speech was an actual crime Siggy Flicker would be getting criminal charges every time she opened her mouth.

Certainly there need to be laws to protect people from cyber stalking but those laws need to be based on what someone does, not what they say.

With 3 complaints, it’s hard to tell what I’m even charged with anymore, but originally it was over a graphic I created using her face and an email I sent to politicians and journalists in New Jersey. The plaintiff claimed the picture and the email seriously annoyed her.

But as the Supreme Court has determined, it’s too bad Disbarred Lawyer was annoyed but those communications are protected speech. Neither the post with the picture or the email were sent to her, they were about her.

I know Disbarred Lawyer doesn’t like anyone talking about her but if she’s going to be mismanaging public relations for unhinged reality personalities she needs to have a thicker skin.

You can get more information about the NJ Supreme Court decision here.