Faux Flicker Fired And Packs Up Her Troll Army #RHONJ

UPDATE: I was almost finished with this post when news that Siggy was actually fired broke. Siggy was canned because her publicist, Vinnie Spina, hired hundreds of troll accounts to go after Margaret Josephs. Vinnie has 3 complaints filed against me for harassment, she’s going to have to explain about Siggy during our next court hearing. My header meme above was very prophetic wasn’t it?


Siggy Flicker announced that she won’t be returning to BravoTV next year. I doubt this was her idea.

Siggy said she was leaving because she wanted to spend more time with her family and her business blah blah blah. She’s also been saying throughout the season that she was unhappy with the show’s editing that portrayed her as a histrionic, shrieking, neurotic.

Here at IronTroll. we suspect that Siggy was given an ultimatum to quit or be fired. She’s been a public relation’s nightmare this year for Bravo with her erratic behavior, particularly on Twitter, where she regularly told people to fuck off. Siggy hired a “publicist” this year with a reputation for harassing and doxing critics that goes back for years. And then accusing Margaret Joseph’s of anti-semitism? That was probably the last straw.

It’s customary for businesses to allow contracted employees who are not working out the opportunity to tear up their contract and resign rather than go through the humiliation of getting fired.

I don’t know if this is the case with Siggy, but there was a blind gossip item that during the reunion one of the housewives was busted for creating hundreds of troll accounts to harass another housewife. Being very familiar with Siggy’s publicist and her history on Twitter, I have no trouble believing this to be true.

Siggy, like her publicist, has problems with anyone criticizing them. But it’s a fact of life that no matter how wonderful you may be, not everybody is going to like you. It’s almost an exponential math formula that the more well known you become, the greater the number of people who don’t like you.

That’s a part of being a celebrity most people don’t think about and aren’t prepared for. Complete strangers you’ve never met or spoken to decide they don’t like you and social media allows them to tell you personally how much they don’t like you. Being subject to public scrutiny and commentary is a part of your life when you’re in the public eye. You have to learn to shrug it off or you’ll end up spending all your time fighting.

Siggy chose to fight. And as I said on Twitter: when your boss suggests to you publicly that you should get off Twitter, it isn’t really a suggestion, it’s an order. Siggy made an ass out of herself on Season 8 and fell in with a bad crowd on Twitter where she engaged in some questionably legal methods to deal with critics. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit or two

Holy shit! Never mind. News just broke that Siggy was actually fired because her “publicist” Vinnie Spina hired hundreds of trolls to go after Margaret Josephs and others on Twitter. Looks like Vinnie will finally be taken down!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!