When Free Speech Becomes Illegal In New Jersey, The Second Complaint

Here’s the second complaint filed against me. I can only guess a second complaint was filed because I kept blogging about Vinnie Spina. Most of the screen captures she includes are pictures from irontroll blog. As I’ve stated elsewhere, the memes I use as headers on the articles are almost always tied into the article. Sometimes the picture says more than the article does.

I should mention that I was never served with the first complaint. I also wasn’t served with the second complaint. It was filed September 11th but I didn’t see it until my attorney sent it to me November 3rd.

Once again Vinnie used the address of retired police officer, James Durkin, as her place of residence. Now Vinnie starts using “or persons on his behalf” so she can make me responsible for what other people post on Twitter.  I don’t have, and have never had troll accounts of Vinnie.

As for Pizza Vinnie, it’s not my account and I don’t make prank phone calls. I haven’t contacted or attempted to contact Vinnie or anyone else in New Jersey other than my lawyer. I portray her as a pig and with pigs because only a greedy pig would misappropriate as much money, and as often, as she did.

I understand this is a Municipal court but if they’re going to be handing out fines and sentences then they ought to ask for actual proof of allegations.

Or not even proof, maybe start by asking for an ID. Have people verify they’re in the right jurisdiction before you let them fill out a complaint.

Outlandish accusations? You mean that Siggy Flicker’s Publicist and Vinnie Spinia and Antonella Mollica and Faux Reality and A1_Buckwheat are all the same person?

It’s outlandish for sure, but it’s an outlandish fact.

(Discovery continues below the break, this is a commercial for irontroll’s fundraiser to pay for the attorney)

1. @ItsTheLawr isn’t me. He’s tweeting to a new judge at Paterson Municipal court regarding documents sent to the court by Lexie_blu that were posted on Twitter by Jennifer D’Allessandro, a friend of Vinnie’s.

2. Resist_N0W is my only Twitter account. I’m pretty sure as an American citizen I’m allowed to tweet out blog posts without getting approval from Vinnie Spina.

3. Apparently I’m also not allowed to talk about my case to anyone without approval from Vinnie Spina.

4. In Vinnie’s world, blogs are protected by the constitution everywhere except in Paterson, New Jersey. Vinnie has no sense of humor either.

5. Again, I am not Lexie_blu. Lexie is actually much more self absorbed than Zile.

6. Another tweet promoting a blog post. And Vinnie was under investigation but the investigation into her was dropped. Blogging about Vinnie is against the law in Paterson but violating your disbarment orders and posing as a lawyer is okay.

7. Yes, I tweet out irontroll blog posts more than once.

8) Ah yes, this is one of my favorite photoshops!
The late Marcie Wogan is pushing the clown buggy. In the buggy are some of the people I write about on irontroll, it’s not all about Vinnie. In the buggy are Neal Rauhauser and his buddy, Tom Retzlaff, JoJo Camp, Vinnie is in the middle next to Josh Garza with Doug Spink next to him. And at the bottom is Sue Basko.
This is a parody which I created and such creations have already been established as protected under the first amendment long, long ago. But it will be retried in Paterson Municipal Court.

9) Another favorite photoshopped picture from irontroll blog. I had to rebuild the room and put in the bay window. Still protected by first amendment. Except in Paterson Municipal Court.

10) I think it’s funny. But it’s a graphic from irontroll blog so it’s not protected by the first amendment in Paterson Municipal Court.

11) Yes, my brain associates Vinnie Spina with pigs. It’s a picture from irontroll blog tho so not protected by first amendment in Paterson Municipal Court.

12) A snarky reference to the address Vinnie used in order to file her complaint in Paterson. She doesn’t live in that jurisdiction.

13) Okay, this tweet still makes me laugh.

14) This is funny too. No names are mentioned though. Alcoholism and/or a personality disorder could account for her behavior. There has to be some explanation for why someone is so vicious.

15) In Florida you’re allowed to use any valid address. I didn’t know I needed to get Vinnie’s approval too.
16) Pizza Vinnie is not my account. I never heard of it before I saw it in this discovery. She’s accused someone else of operating the account too.
17) I’m not Shari. I don’t tell her what to post on Twitter and she doesn’t ask me for permission.

18) I’m not Lexie_blu. Lexie submitted court docs to show she and I are separate people. The docs were posted online by Jennifer D’Allessandro, Christian romance writer and hacker. Vinnie and Jen made a big production out of doxing Lexie on Twitter so it’s weird that Vinnie continues to allege that Lexie and I are the same person.

19) The next 4 tweeets are from an account that isn’t mine. I wouldn’t post a tweet that showed my phone number or anyonoe else’s on Twitter since it’s a TOS violation.
I contacted this account via DM and told them to self terminate or I’d personally request the prosecutor to find out who created it.

20) Jerry Heasley is a well known automobile photographer and was the guy who did the Terlingua Video in which Vinnie Spina was briefly interviewed. He shot the video in 2013, Vinnie and Patrick copyrighted it (along with Jerry) in 2016.  I was checking him out and clicked his link. Instead of the video he was asking be checked out the link opened on creator studiio. This means he had forgotten to published it and post it publicly.

21) Yup, and I’m still wondering how someone can get away with filing a complaint in a city in which they don’t live.
22) This was a subtweet, probably in response to Brandon ranting about how I was going to jail if I didn’t show up for court. I haven’t been required to be at the court hearings.
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