Texas Supreme Court Says No To Retzlaff

This week, the Supreme Court of Texas denied a petition from Tom Retzlaff asking for a review of his case. The law suit involved Retzlaff and his long time arch-enemy, private investigator Phil Kline.

Now if I have my details right, this is the case where discovery showed that Retzlaff acted as an agent for attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, posed as a lawyer and social engineered GoDaddy into giving him some domains that belonged to James McGibney, aka Bullyville. Retzlaff wasn’t a party to the case but filed some motions after his name came up in discovery materials.

The problem with Retzlaff filing those motions is that he’s declared a vexatious litigant by the state of Texas so he had to get permission before he gets involved in legal proceedings.

So Kline moved to get everything Retzlaff filed thrown out and have Retzlaff declared in contempt of court for not getting the required permission to file.

Long story short, the Supreme Court couldn’t be bothered with Retzlaff’s request. That decision will cost Retzlaff around $30,000 which will cut into his monthly allowance from daddy for awhile.

Tom Retzlaff runs the creepy blog, viaviewfiles.net, where he posted nude pictures of his daughter. Twice. It’s also the site that posted a “jihad” article calling for the death of several people, including me. If Tommy sticks to his usual MO, he’ll be posting an article on his blog soon that attacks the judges who ruled against him.