Rauhauser’s Attorney Subpoenaed By Texas Grand Jury

According to sources with knowledge of yesterday’s events in Jefferson County, Texas, Neal Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey L. Dorrell of the Hanszen Laporte Law Firm in Houston, Texas, has been served with a Jefferson County, Grand Jury Subpoena.

According to the source, Dorrell has been ordered to appear on Wednesday, January 10th, in front of a Grand Jury to answer questions pertaining to Thomas C. Retzlaff. As you may recall, Retzlaff is another one of our curious characters here at IronTroll blog and probably the most villainous.

Retzlaff is listed by the state of Texas as a Vexatious Litigant and was frequently seen attending court hearings with Dorrell, as well as making vexatious filings favorable for Dorrell’s clients in court cases involving Dorrell as a lead attorney.

Retzlaff fled Texas years ago to avoid repercussions from a Grand Jury investigation into terroristic threats he’d made to a gay journalist. Tommy loves lawyers but he doesn’t like gays, or Blacks, or Jews, or Hispanics.

Retzlaff is infamous for having posted nude pictures of his daughter online in several places (she married a Hispanic man), including the viaviewfiles blog that he’s alleged to own. It’s not often you get a father posting revenge porn on his own daughter.

Retzlaff, besides being a cohort of Neal Rauhauser, is also an acquaintance of Siggy’s Publicist! It was Rauhauser who gave Vinnie my SSN which magically appeared on Retzlaff’s blog along with my attorney’s information after she filed charges against me.