Flicker’s PR Team Locked Out Of Twitter #RHONJ

Team Siggy being locked out of Twitter looks to be a theme for the New Year as the feud continues between Team Siggy and anyone else on Twitter who doesn’t love Siggy Flicker.

The employee of Siggy’s publicist, Brandon King, has been locked out 4 times in 5 days. That was as of January 5th. Today, on the 6th, Siggy’s publicist herself was locked out of her A1_Buckwheat account.

During lockout she’ll be forced to delete some hateful and abusive tweets. Meanwhile, she’s forced to use her @ChickenCounter account until Twitter decides to unlock the Buckwheat account.

This isn’t the first Twitter war surrounding Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it does involve some of the same characters involved in past conflicts. Only now the court system is being used (abused) as a weapon of retaliation.

Blog posts and bloggers have been casualties so far. Siggy’s publicist is pretty good at making threats to silence others in spite of the first amendment.  If you’re not involved already, it might be best to just lurk and watch. But report abusive behavior to the Twitter Gods, that might be the only way to end the feud.

Having Siggy’s PR team locked out may not seem like a big deal, but it does make more obvious who’s doing the harassment. Siggy’s publicist has a notorious reputation for harassment that goes back to 2012, so any step, no matter how small, toward shutting her down is sweet.