IronTroll’s First Real Housewives Blind Gossip Item

This is the very first blind gossip article on irontroll and it is all due to my very dear friend Donatella. She always has good ideas!

It was just yesterday, as I was chasing Carlito the pool boy around the deck and knocked over Donatella’s almost empty bottle of Jim Beam, when she screamed “Vaffanculo! Esci di qui, Zile!” That’s Italian for “You really must do a blind gossip item, Zile, my very dear friend!”

And so here it is! I’m so excited. You’ll find it below the commercial break for Justice For Zile.
And of course, it’s just a blind gossip item and not statements of fact. Public commentary about public figures is first amendment protected speech and includes speculation.


A blog begun in 2013 blasts off in 2016 and changes alliances.

Rumors say some ex-wives quit but don’t really leave.

The fake french fox is dizzy chasing her tail while spinning her tale, but propaganda disguised as news might just be some people’s cup of tea.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s all folks!

What’s the blog?
Who is involved?
What’s the rumor?

I think I know the answers! I think we all do.