Alt Siggy Is My Newest Alt Fan!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Siggy Flicker tweeted to me!

I thought Siggy was mad at me since she blocked me way back on March 24th when I tried to warn her and Dolores about Siggy’s publicist. I don’t think she was happy that I included my very dear friend, Perez Hilton in my tweets.

Then there was the blog post I did a couple days ago, Secrets Of The Siggy Flicker Scandal, followed by More Secrets Of The Siggy Flicker Scandal, about her getting fired. I figured Siggy would rather throw herself down another set of stairs than talk to me!

But this morning when I came online, I had tons of tweets from Siggy’s followers and even tweets from Siggy Flicker herself! The Siggy Flicker! I WAS SO EXCITED!

She must really, really like me to send tweets from behind a block! And all the tweets from the Sigarette Pack were incredible!

People say Sigarettes are hazardous to your health but somehow I managed not to be giffed to death. They were very generous with me though, each one of them made an effort to send me at least one gif.

So I guess I have a whole bunch of Alternative Fans! Siggy deleted most of her tweets mentioning me so I guess she wants our new relationship to be a secret. But below the commercial break you’ll see some of the tweets from this morning.

Speaking of relationships, it warms my heart to see the relationship expert handling her termination with such grace and dignity.

2 thoughts on “Alt Siggy Is My Newest Alt Fan!

  1. I find all the Siggy fans #hilarious!! Their so called PR/friend Vinnie Spina aka Buckwheat <– name she picked out to harass a black woman, is a thief, lying POS who HAS caused harm to many people on Twitter & in their REAL LIVES (several info w/FACTS "not" opinions like Vinnie does)is unbelievable. There is more than 50 ppl this woman has harassed/bullied and that many ppl can't be wrong in what they are trying to put out there about this disbarred atty!! HEY VINNIE ~ what happened to all the other celebs you "pr'd" for hmmm? They (LeAnn Rimes, Krupa & her husband, etc) all ran for the hills when they finally realized what a POS liar you are and the "backlash" they all received because of YOU and your stupid crew!! I can't believe the idiots that follow you and believe in you w/all the FACTS written about you. You're a bitch and several people know it (unfollowed you) and someday poor Siggy will to, just like the rest of us

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