Siggy And Her Stormtroopers #RHONJ

In these Trumpian times, with the RHONJ reunion show airing tonight, a court hearing for charges filed against me tomorrow, and International Holocaust Remembrance Day coming up soon, I think now might be a good time to remind everyone how important free speech is.

As one of the half dozen bloggers harassed by Siggy and her jackbooted thugs, I find Siggy’s attempts to silence free speech totally reprehensible, particularly since her thugs have intimidated several bloggers to the point where they’re afraid to continue blogging.

You may be thinking, no big deal, they’re just blogs, no big loss. But while the situation may seem trivial, as someone who’s been on the receiving end of her attempts to chill free speech, let me assure you it’s not trivial at all.

Nine months of my life dealing with 3 complaints filed against me by Siggy’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, in a municipal court that has no jurisdiction over me or Vinnie, yet continues to pursue the case. Because of what I said about her.

That anyone can be persecuted and prosecuted for writing a blog should be of concern to everyone. Of all our civil rights, the right to speak freely is the most important and the first to be assaulted by a tyrant. That’s why you’re seeing so much pushback against Trump. He’s been abusing his power as president. Making accusations of Fake News against the media, whether true or not, is infringing on the first amendment.

Silencing speech is a way to keep people uninformed, controlling speech is a way to keep people misinformed. The first amendment rights of the press are the same as your first amendment rights. Whatever you may think of mainstream media, when Trump attacks them he’s infringing on your first amendment rights.

And so are Siggy and her crew of jackbooted thugs. Be glad she’s gone and let’s all make sure that Vinnie goes with her.