Zile To Be Executed By Team Siggy #RHONJ

Today the Municipal Court in the City of Paterson issued 2 warrants for my arrest, with bail set for 1500. This is to get me to come to New Jersey to answer to perjured complaints filed by Vinnie Spina in a jurisdiction where neither of us live, with tampered evidence claiming that I’m in violation of a law the New Jersey Supreme Court said last month can no longer be applied.

To quell rumors being started by Vinnie and her tool Brandon, there is no one in Florida trying to serve me with warrants. This is not a Federal case, it’s a municipal court with a very small jurisdiction. The statute Vinnie accused me of violating is a petty disorderly person’s offense, however the NJ Supreme Court says the law is too broad and cannot be used to turn speech into a criminal act. Those Supreme Court judges need to tell the Muni court judges that.

This court case has gone on for 9 months so far, even though the state of Florida will not extradite. The city of Paterson obviously has too much money, rather than pursuing pointless and hopeless court cases and be used as a tool to aid a cyber harasser, they could donate it to a worthy charity.