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Siggy Flicker Loses Half Her Followers After #TwitterLockOut

I’ve been waiting for the employee of Siggy’s publicist to claim he was behind the Twitter Lock Out, but Brandon King has been too busy ranting about Flint, Michigan activist, @C1TY_0F_FL1NT to be bothered with actual Bot accounts. I swear, if Brandon and his boss, Vinnie, didn’t have anyone to harass, they’d have no reason to be on Twitter, they’d

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John Yates Video, Alt Siggy Flicker Exposed

UPDATE: Sorry, the video was removed at the request of Mr Yates. Here’s the RHONJ video by John Yates and Bianca which brought about his suspension from Periscope. John was a major fan of Siggy Flicker, then he found out the truth behind her “verified” account.┬áHe and Bianca made the video below to tell what they discovered about Siggy and

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False Alarm. Siggy Flicker Quits Twitter, Then Returns

Update: Never mind… Siggy was just teasing us. She closed down her account but then brought it back again. Or someone did. When you come back after self terminating or being suspended, it takes awhile before the followers and following get back to normal. End of update ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Without so much as a last “Fuck You”, Siggy Flicker has self

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Everyone On Twitter Is Guilty, The 3rd Complaint; Oct 23, 2017

In the 3rd harassment complaint filed by Siggy Flicker’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, she seemed to be trying really hard to make herself and Siggy look like victims of mass cyber stalking. As you saw in the first and second complaints, Vinnie Spina accused me of being people that I’m not, running blogs I do not, and operating social media accounts

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