Siggy Flicker Represented By Shady Spina Law Firm

We obtained a short DM conversation that pretty strongly implies Siggy Flicker is represented by the Spina Law Firm. Or maybe I should say was represented if today’s rumors are true.

@A1_Buckwheat claims to be Antonella “Toni” Mollica, the blogger behind the malicious gossip blog, Toni has also claimed several times to work for the Spina Law Firm as a paralegal and even once claimed to be a lawyer! She’s a woman of many hats. And many socks.

The Spina Law Firm was mentioned in numerous articles including Perez Hilton about the harassment of Brandi Glanville and other celebrities. Besides working for the Spina Law Firm, “Toni Mollica” is Brandon’s King’s contact person at the firm, as stated by Brandon King himself in the court transcripts for his contempt of court hearing regarding his 7 years worth of unpaid child support.

(you can read the whole transcript courtesy Bullyville here)

In reality, there is no Antonella Mollica currently living in the state of New Jersey. For that matter, everybody involved knows that Antonella Mollica is the alias used by Vinnie Leonelli-Spina so she can secretly work at the Spina Law Firm without getting into trouble with the New Jersey State Bar, the Office of Attorney Ethics and the New Jersey Supreme Court.

If this sounds crazy, yes it is, but Vinnie’s been working at the Spina Law Firm for a decade and getting away with it. When Vinnie was disbarred by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 2008, the disbarment orders they gave her specifically stipulated that she can’t work in a law office in any capacity. Yet Vinnie has been doing exactly that at the Spina Law Firm without any repercussions. She’s sent out cease and desist letters and DMCA complaints using the Spina Law Firm letterhead fraudulently representing herself as a lawyer, and even as her husband.

In the DMs below Bucky says she works for Siggy’s lawyer. So that would mean Siggy must be represented by the Spina Law Firm, which obviously isn’t a very ethical business. And by not very ethical, I mean shady as hell.

It seems the Spina Law Firm continues to offer trolling and harassment as part of its services. Siggy should have known better, hiring someone to troll and harass on your behalf isn’t what an ethical or decent human being would do. And she should have known when to cut her losses when she got busted for doing this.

Now rumor has it that she’s finally fired Vinnie as her publicist, but it’s a little too late, Siggy’s reputation is pretty much shot to hell. I wonder if she’s also fired the Spina Law Firm?

Toxic is as toxic does.

The DM conversation is below.