Everyone On Twitter Is Guilty, The 3rd Complaint; Oct 23, 2017

In the 3rd harassment complaint filed by Siggy Flicker’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, she seemed to be trying really hard to make herself and Siggy look like victims of mass cyber stalking.

As you saw in the first and second complaints, Vinnie Spina accused me of being people that I’m not, running blogs I do not, and operating social media accounts that I don’t. She provided no proof to back up her accussations but Paterson Municipal court doesn’t seem to require evidence.

In the first 3 complaints Vinnie filed, I was the only defendant named so including other people meant absolutely nothing from a legal standpoint since she wasn’t charging anyone but me. But including names gave Vinnie a Weapon Of Mass Intimidation. It enabled her to say things on social media like “Bullyville? Oh yes, he’s named in a cyber stalking complaint” or “Ignore Shari, she’s one of those stalkers in that criminal case in New Jersey.” You see what she did there?

Vinnie filed the third complaint secretly on October 23rd, 2017. My first hearing for that complaint was scheduled the next morning. Neither I nor my lawyer were informed of the new complaint even though the court was aware there was a court case for the two previous complaints against me. On October 27th, just 5 days after the complaint was filed, Judge Dawn Blakely-Harper turned the complaint into a warrant.

Again, neither I nor my lawyer were informed about any of this. Even though Vinnie had my lawyer’s email address, rather than send a copy of the warrant to my lawyer, she sent it to the employer of Shari Weinick along with an email threatening to file charges.

This was insane. Vinnie sent my copy of the warrant to the boss of someone she didn’t like in order to extort her into silence, get her in trouble with her boss and possibly fired. Contacting the employers of her victims is classic Vinnie Spina.

The email Vinnie sent was full of accusations and lies. Nobody contacted Vinnie, her business or her husband’s law firm. I blog about them, which is protected first amendment speech, at least it is everywhere but in Paterson.

Vinnie admits she included Shari’s social media accounts in the complaint against me. Including Shari’s acocunts in order to get law enforcement to check them isn’t legal and would be a violation of Shari’s civil rights. Plus, the complaints are in Municipal Court, so law enforcement isn’t going to be sending subpoenas to Twitter.

Vinnie did end up filing charges against Shari 3 months later. Like the email, it’s part of her usual campaign to harass others.

Vinnie screwed up by giving the phone number of her husband’s law firm as her contact number. The disbarment orders given to her by the New Jersey Supreme Court forbid her from being in any law office for any reason. She’s been getting away with it for 10 years.

In her third complaint Vinnie added the account names of people I had a Twitter conversation with discussing our belief that Vinnie Spina was running the Siggy Flicker account.In allowing Vinnie to file this complaint, the Paterson Municipal Court enabled Vinnie to accuse anyone on Twitter to be acting on my behalf.

Personally, I consider the Paterson Municipal court to be as dysfunctional as Vinnie Spina.