False Alarm. Siggy Flicker Quits Twitter, Then Returns

Update: Never mind…

Siggy was just teasing us. She closed down her account but then brought it back again.

Or someone did.

When you come back after self terminating or being suspended, it takes awhile before the followers and following get back to normal.

End of update

Without so much as a last “Fuck You”, Siggy Flicker has self terminated her Twitter account.

Faux Flicker had promised to do this in December, and didn’t. Then she vowed to quit after the last reunion show, and didn’t. But today she finally quit and seemed to do so without notifying her fans. Though considering there are only about 20 of them left, she can probably do that with a quick email.

It was just yesterday that Siggy popped into Twitter to send a couple of tweets lecturing people about being mean to each other, apparently forgetting she was fired from RHONJ for harassing other housewives and oblivious to the months of harassment she took part in on Twitter.

With the exception of James Woods, I don’t there’s any other celebrity who has been as much of a troll as Faux Flicker. While there are still plenty of trolls on Twitter, let’s celebrate that today their number was reduced by one.

And let’s celebrate that her publicist Vinnie no longer has a job. Again.