Siggy Flicker, Austin Bike Pimp

Siggy Flicker and the serial harasser employed by the Spina Law Firm have done business together.

You may not have noticed, but Siggy Flicker has a new website. It was created by Brandon King, the felon and former hacker who works for the Spina Law Firm.

Usually Brandon’s chores for Vinnie and Patrick Spina consist of tracking down people who owe money to Wawel Bank (Wawel is one of the Patrick’s clients, because what bank wouldn’t want a hacker and felon involved in their business?) and of course Brandon doxes and harasses people for the Spinas, but not many people know Brandon also makes websites. He built one for Joanna Krupa (it disappeared after the news came out that Brandon did it) and he did a site for Joan Surace at Joan is an author and lyricist who lives next door to Vinnie.

Brandon’s new Siggy site features ginormous pictures of Siggy Flicker’s favorite person, Siggy Flicker. If you look at the top left side of the screen capture below you’ll see it was taken at

So that website at the domain is owned by Siggy, but there’s also with a hyphen between the Siggy and the Flicker. Brandon owns that domain.

The site was empty for a long time and just redirected you automatically to Siggy’s website,

But now Siggy-Flicker has webpages of its own, in fact, the whole site is a mirror image of If you look at the top left side of the screen capture below you’ll see it was taken at

But Brandon also owns a domain called Check that name. Austin Bike Pimps. If you go take a peek, surprise, surprise! It’s a another mirror site for This domain is probably where Brandon tested the Siggy site to make sure everything was working correctly. It’s incredibly amusing that Brandon didn’t remove the pages so if you go to Austin Bike Pimps you see Siggy Flicker.

So yeah, this is funny but if you think about it, here are some things that become clear. For Brandon to create Siggy’s website, someone would have had to tell Brandon what she wanted. Someone would have had to send Brandon pictures and info to put on the web pages. Someone would have had to give access to Siggy’s domain to upload the completed web site and someone would have had to pay Brandon for his services.

So if you’re thinking Siggy is some kind of victim, that she was duped by Vinnie Spina or that she’s been unaware of the harassment and doxing being done, you can forget about that. Siggy Flicker was told about Vinnie and Brandon. She knows all about Vinnie and Brandon. She just doesn’t care.

Yup, toxic is as toxic does