Pics Or It Didn’t Happen, Faux Goes To Court

According to Brandon King, the blogger known as Faux Reality has met with the prosecutor in Vinnie Spina’s court case against me.

Faux, who says her name is Antonella Mollica, is a paralegal for the Spina Law Firm and Brandon’s contact person for the doxing he does on the firm’s behalf.

I have to say I’m really amazed that Antonella paid a visit to the prosecutor since she doesn’t exist anywhere in New Jersey. 

But then, after 10 months of Paterson Municipal Court, I really shouldn’t be surprised. This would be the same prosecutor who filed a jurisdiction motion claiming that Vinnie Spina is a resident of Paterson city.

Voting must be pretty simple in Paterson. No need for ID, just tell the clerk you’re a resident and you’ll get a ballot. Tell them you brought your imaginary friend and they’ll give you two.