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Ecuador Gives Assange Another Time Out

The government of Ecuador cut off outside communication access for Julian Assange last night. A guest of the Ecuadorian embassy who has overstayed his welcome, Assange violated a written agreement he had with Ecuador where he was to avoid making statements on social media that might jeopardize Ecuador’s relationships with other countries. Assange signed the agreement with Ecuador last year

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Brandon On Gab; April 2017

Below are posts made on that were copied from an account created by Brandon King, infamous troll and tool. The account name, UnderpantGnome may sound familiar to you, there was a well known account by that name on Twitter. Brandon stole the name for but naturally his account didn’t last long before it was suspended. Brandon has this

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New National Security Advisor Bolton Paid Half Million To Cambridge Analytica

John Bolton? Really? John Bolton and Security are two words that don’t go together well in the same sentence. Data mining company and campaign manipulator, Cambridge Analytica, has been in the news a lot lately for the major privacy violations they participated in with FaceBook and the dirty tricks they engaged in on behalf of their clients. John Bolton was a

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