RHONJ Problems Spread To Texas, Blind Gossip Item

Season 8 of RHONJ has been finished for awhile but the drama continues. Here’s a blind gossip item for recent developments:

There are still a few people who can’t stop trolling on behalf of a former housewife. Most of this trolling is instigated by the housewife’s former publicist and the Troll King who both have online reputations for harassment that go back for years. They both used to pretend to be members of Anonymous to scare RHONJ fans who didn’t like the right housewife.

But this year it seems the former publicist and her Troll King have run into problems. Recent C&D demands called them out on their shenanigans and sent both of them into a Trolling Tizzy!

The Dysfunctional Duo started posting other people’s personal info publicly in retaliation but this Doxing and being very mad online may have elevated things into Serious Mode.

The Troll King went too far by sending an email to the boss of one of his targets. The boss didn’t know who the Troll King was so he was referred to Bullyville.com and learned enough to call the cops.

A complaint was filed, an investigation is under way.

The lesson here is that sometimes a Troll King should stick to his own backyard and not mess with someone who lives “just an hour away”.