The Fat Lady Is About To Sing, Flickers Publicist Under Investigation

While most everyone is aware of the court case involving Vinnie Spina and myself, many of you don’t know there’s also an investigation being conducted into Vincenza Spina and her husband, Patrick Spina, by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bergen County.

The investigation also includes Antonella Mollica who is @A1_Buckwheat on Twitter.

BullyVille, aka James McGibney, has been working with the Bergen County Prosecutors on the investigation since it was Bullyville’s bar complaint against Vinnie Spina that initiated the investigation. Bullyville’s complaint alleged that Vinnie Spina was in violation of her disbarment orders by sharing office space with a lawyer ( her husband, Patrick) and by practicing law under the name Antonella Mollica.

The bar complaint was filed with the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Ethics who forwarded it to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office for investigation. Passaic County determined the case was outside their jurisdiction and turned it over to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office where an investigation was initiated immediately.

As you can see on the website,, BullyVille has posted several emails exchanged between Toni Mollica and Attorney Steve Harrelson during the 2015 custody law suit involving Spina Law Firm employee, Brandon King. It was during this time that Toni Mollica claimed to be Brandon’s attorney. But it appears that besides the emails he posted, Bullyville had more information that he kept quiet about. In the Never Before Seen bar complaint below the break, you’ll see communications between Toni Mollica and Steve Harrelson that Bullyville hasn’t disclosed before

It seems Brandon King’s lawyer, “Toni Mollica” was texting with Mr. Harrellson from a phone number that isn’t known to belong to the Spina Law Firm. Toni Mollica claims to run the @A1_Buckwheat account on Twitter and that account actually verifies that she was exchanging text messages with Harrelson and was doing so again recently using the same phone number that was used in 2015. Subpoena’s were issued for the texts and ownership of the phone number.

Toni Mollica is alleged to actually be Vinnie Spina and though @A1_Buckwheat might be tempted to delete her tweets, the Bergen Prosecutor’s Office already has what they need. While Brandon and Bucky were busy bashing Bullyville, he was smiling knowing that a legal anvil was about to be dropped on their heads. And rumor has it that Bullyville will soon release more evidence in the near future.

As Bullyville always says when you mess with the bull, it’s just a matter of time before you get the horns. BullyVille has proven that over and over again.

Bucky has been getting away with a lot for the last 15 years. Looks like it’s all going to catch up with her soon.