Ecuador Gives Assange Another Time Out

The government of Ecuador cut off outside communication access for Julian Assange last night.

A guest of the Ecuadorian embassy who has overstayed his welcome, Assange violated a written agreement he had with Ecuador where he was to avoid making statements on social media that might jeopardize Ecuador’s relationships with other countries.

Assange signed the agreement with Ecuador last year as a condition to getting his internet access restored after it was cut off in October for comments he made on social media.

Unfortunately yesterday Assange used Twitter to reply to a UK foreign affairs minister who called Assange a miserable little worm and said Assange should turn himself in.

You can’t blame Julian for wanting to reply to the comment, however he did sign the agreement with his hosts so they were forced to take action to prevent escalation of the flame war.

According to the statement released by the government of Ecuador, they felt Assange’s recent behavior on social media might jeopardize its relations with the United Kingdom, members of the European Union, and other nations. In order to forestall any damage they halted Assange’s communication access on March 27th.

If you read Spanish, the statement released by the Ecuadorian National Communication Secretary is below the break.