Bullyville Is Back With Charity Boxing Match; UPDATED


Update: I’m happy to say that shortly after posting this article Brandon accepted in his own sweet way.



After taking a hiatus, Bullyville is back with head down and horns up, going after internet villains. He’s starting with Brandon King.

King is one of those chronic abusive social media users. He likes to dox and make threats online to show everyone on Twitter how tough he is. One of his favorite targets has been Bullyville aka James McGibney, due to a falling out they had years ago (Bullyville caught Brandon using his own kid’s pic as pedophile bait). Yesterday Brandon posted some tweets about fighting Bullyville. Bullyville saw the tweets and thought it was a very good idea.

Today we saw the launching of 12rounds.org. Bullyville accepted Brandon’s challenge and offered to fight him publicly to raise awaremess for domestic and child abuse. 

The proposed fight would be a sanctioned, refereed boxing match with a purse of $5,000. The fight would be televised and live streamed from Las Vegas. (Maybe Miley could provide commentary in a Periscope video!) Should he win, Bullyville would donate his winnings to children’s hospitals.

Not surprisingly, Brandon immediately backed off all his bluster. He started listing demands, like making the fight Mixed Martial arts and fighting with 12 oz gloves. Once again, Bullyville accepted Brandon’s challenge and agreed to MMA and the use of gloves. He also guaranteed Brandon would take home $5,000, win or lose.

We’ll see if Brandon has the balls to accept the challenge. So far though, he’s all talk.

Brandon’s Twitter account is @dlrtreynolds, ask him to participate in the fight.

You can see some of Brandon’s silly tweets below the break and don’t forget to check out 12rounds.org!