Team Siggys Doxer Suspended By Twitter

Another Brandon King account was suspended by Twitter last night after having spent Season 8 of RHONJ harassing and doxing people on Twitter for Team Siggy.

This was just King’s most recent suspension. He’s had at least 46 accounts suspended before this one, that I know about anyway.

As insane as it sounds, King has a reputation for doxing and harassing Real Housewives of New Jersey fans and people he doesn’t like, that goes back to 2014 when he was the co-creator of an online “security” business.

For those of you who’ve been around awhile, Brandon was once a member of a group aligned with Bullyville that went after online pedophiles. Brandon had a falling out with that group and has been a raging asshole ever since.

After Season 8 of RHONJ, Brandon doxed John Yates, his husband Cody, and their friend Bianca, posting personal info about them on Twitter in retaliation for John doing a periscope about Siggy Flicker and her publicist. Siggy Flicker was made aware of the doxing but has not made any public statements about it other than to tell her followers to leave him alone.

More recently, my lawyer sent Brandon’s lawyer a Cease and Desist letter which Brandon responded to by doxing people who follow me or retweet irontroll articles.

Last week Brandon was challenged to a boxing match by Bullyville’s, James McGibney, and Brandon accepted. This match is to be a televised, 12 round, refereed match in Vegas. Some modifications to this were being negotiated to please Brandon, who’s out for blood.

It’s not known if Brandon will renege on the match now that he’s been suspended. Brandon actually believes himself to be a Good Guy. I guess that could be true if you overlook his alleged domestic abuse, the homophobic and racist Twitter rants, and the doxing and harassing of people who don’t even know him.

The tweets below are some of his last before he was suspended.