Mean Texas Lawyer Sues For 100 Million Dollars

Infamous Texas lawyer, Jason Van Dyke, has filed a defamation lawsuit against infamous serial stalker, Thomas Retzlaff. This could be the court case of the century!

Both men are litigious RWNJ with reputations for being abusive, so this will be popcorn worthy litigation. It’s highly likely that both men will represent themselves in court and file outlandish motions full of hyperbole and colorful language as they have in the past.

Picking a side to root for may be difficult though, since both men are douche bags. I admit to being biased against Retzlaff, since I’m more familiar with his long criminal history. And then there was that article he wrote calling for my death, but Jason Dyke isn’t much better. He’s hardly the poor little victim of harassment.

Van Dyke gained notoriety in 2014 when he went after revenge porn site, Pink Meth, in a law suit. This was a noble endeavor, but he also named deep web browser, Tor, as a guilty party. That’s like suing google for giving search results.
Last year, Van Dyke made headlines again when he got into a Twitter flame war with Hip Hop artist and producer Talib Kweli.

Kweli was locked out of his account until he deleted a tweet with Van Dyke’s contact information in it, but Van Dyke’s account was permanently suspended.
Now Van Dyke has ended up on Retzlaff’s radar. I’d guess that Retzlaff is retaliating in some twisted way for Van Dyke’s lawsuit against Pink Meth. Retzlaff has long been a proponent of revenge porn. At one time he claimed to be the owner of a revenge porn site, and it’s believed this got him interviewed by Anderson Cooper, even though it wasn’t true.
But whatever his reasons, Retzlaff sent an email to Van Dyke’s employers which led to his being fired. Statements made by Retzlaff in that email is what prompted Van Dyke to file his 100 million dollar lawsuit.
Among the claims made by Retzlaff is that Van Dyke is a Nazi and a member of  the neo-Nazi website, Stormfront. Ironically, Retzlaff is (or was) also a member of Stormfront under the name Klansmann, which is also the handle of his Twitter account, @Klansmann.

Retzlaff is the guy whose daughter accused him of secretly taking nude pictures of her and then posting them online. Though he never received a law degree or passed the bar, Retzlaff has posed as a lawyer and at one time, managed to get himself employed by a law firm as a lawyer.

Retzlaff is declared a vexatious litigant in Texas which means he can’t file a lawsuit in the state of Texas without permission, so any counter suit he might wish to file against Van Dyke will have to be approved by the state of Texas, which is alleged to be conducting a Grand Jury investigation into Retzlaff’s activities in Texas.

So yeah, the lawsuit has barely begun and it’s already weird.

Below the break you’ll find a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order against Tom Retzlaff that was filed by Jason Van Dyke. The judge has since approved the TRO. Retzlaff then sent a letter to the court in protest which I’ll post next.

The embedded file below holds the Exhibits presented to back up Van Dyke’s application for a restraining order.