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New Jersey Harassment Hearing Delayed

Today’s hearing for the harassment complaints against me was postponed. The hearings for Shari Weinick and myself were probably delayed due to the Memorial Day holiday, but they’ve been rescheduled for June 12th. That will make it 14 months since I’ve been charged. 14 months that I’ve been dealing with these charges. The last hearing ended with the complainant being

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Judge Schools Trump On First Amendment

I don’t think there’s ever been a president as ill informed about Civil Rights as Trump. A federal district court judge has ruled that Trump can’t block people on Twitter. In doing so, he’s discriminating against their opinions on a public forum and infringing on their first amendment rights. Considering all the dirt and dirty deals being exposed about his

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Retzlaff Makes Terroristic Death Threats Again

Once again Tom Retzlaff posted an “ISIS” Jihad article on his little blog calling for the death and decapitation of several people, including children. He also┬áposted the pictures of women and underage girls along with lewd sexual comments. To top it all off, he ended his article with instructions for making assorted bombs. The post was up for less than

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Michael Cohens Essential Consultants Registered In New York

On May 2nd of this year a company called Essential Consultants registered in New York with the Department of State. Michael Cohen’s business, Essential Consultants LLC, was created in Delaware, so it’s a safe bet this registration is for his company to cover his ass.┬áCompanies formed outside of the state are required to register as “foreign entities” in order to

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