Bucky And Brandon On Break

The notorious Twitter harassment team of Bucky and Brandon (A1_Buckwheat and BKing13_) deactivated their accounts last night.

Bucky is also known as Faux Reality, the blogger behind the fauxrealityentertainment.com blog registered in Brandon’s name.

It’s anyone’s guess why the two of them did a synchronized dive off of Twitter together. It may have something to do with the upcoming harassment hearing on May 8th or perhaps it’s a defensive move after Brandon’s harassment of Christina Marfan last night. Christina is a writer who had the audacity to write an article about Brandon’s harassment of reality celebrities in March of 2017.

Brandon has been harassing Marfan off and on since then. Seriously, Brandon is harassing Christina Marfan over an article she wrote about his harassment of people on Twitter. He thinks it’s libelous. Let that sink in.

It likely that Brandon and Bucky aren’t really gone, just using alternate sock accounts till the heat wears off. But it’s nice to have a couple more nasty trolls gone from Twitter, even if it’s just temporary.

The tweets below the break are from the exchange between Brandon and Christina. The last tweet by Brandon references a news article he posted recently about Christina’s brother being killed. Brandon thought the death was karmic retaliation for the article she wrote about Brandon.

Brandon believes he’s a victim. Let that sink in too.