Another Court Hearing, I Am Still Everyone On Twitter

There was another hearing today which proved to be quite popcorn worthy.

The court was to hear oral arguments from my lawyer on the motion to dismiss charges against me. It’s conceivable today could have resulted in the charges against me being dismissed but everything got waylaid when Vinnie stated she wanted the judge and prosecutor to recuse themselves from the case.

Keep in mind that the judge and prosecutor today are the same judge and prosecutor who’ve been on the case for the last year. But today Vinnie wanted them both off the case. She gave no reasons, hadn’t filed anything official or even bothered to mention to anyone that she was going to do this. So naturally things got a bit awkward since the judge and prosecutor were already there in the courtroom. This kind of set the tone for the rest of the hearing

The judge had to leave the courtroom (probably to run to the bathroom and laugh hysterically) and she ordered Vinnie not to go anywhere while she was gone, but when the judge returned Vinnie was nowhere to be found. The courthouse was searched inside and out but still no Vinnie. She vanished.

The judge found her in contempt.

Another hearing is scheduled May 29th. Oh joy.