Husband Of Texas Lawyer Dorrell Wanted For Theft


So much seems to be happening lately it seems like there’s a full moon every day. The crazies are definitely active right now.

So the latest is that Jeffrey Dorrell’s husband is wanted for theft in Texas.

Dorrell,  you’ll remember, was the lawyer in Neal Rauhauser’s ill advised lawsuit against Bullyville aka James McGibney, and most recently, is the lawyer for Tom Retzlaff in the insane lawsuit filed against him by Jason Van Dyke. Dorrell’s husband, Michael Centeno, has quite a rap sheet with arrests for drugs and forgery. Now he’s added theft to that list.

According to the police report, Dorrell and Centeno broke up in February of 2017 after a twenty year relationship that included marriage. After their break up, and over the course of several months, Centeno stole over $40,000 in jewelry and collectible coins from Dorrell and then pawned the stolen items to support his cocaine habit.

Jeffrey Dorrell currently works for the Hanszen Laporte law firm, but rumor has it that he’s skating on thin ice there after his Rauhauser lawsuit fiasco. Michael Centeno was working as a paralegal, but I kinda think he lost that job a year ago.

Birds of a feather tho…