Michael Cohens Essential Consultants Registered In New York

On May 2nd of this year a company called Essential Consultants registered in New York with the Department of State.

Michael Cohen’s business, Essential Consultants LLC, was created in Delaware, so it’s a safe bet this registration is for his company to cover his ass. Companies formed outside of the state are required to register as “foreign entities” in order to do business in New York. And whether registered or not, any company that conducts business in New York owes taxes to the state of New York.

I have no idea if Cohen’s business has been reporting the millions of dollars its clients have been paying or if it’s been paying state taxes on those millions. But with Michael Avenatti now aggressively outing Cohen’s shady, and probably illegal, business dealings, the timing of the registration is interesting.

Mr. Avenatti’s revelations on Twitter may not be breaking the internet but I think they’re breaking Cohen.

The Department Of State registration is below the break, it’s dated May 2nd, 2018.