Team KKK Lawyers Up To Fight Team Proud Boys

It looks like two Alt Right extremists will be battling it out in court.

Tom Retzlaff has now engaged a lawyer to represent him in the lawsuit filed against him by Jason Van Dyke. Van Dyke claims Tommy got him fired from his job by contacting his employers and telling them Van Dyke was a Nazi. Jason wants 100 million dollars in damages. 100 Million dollars… someone sure thinks highly of themselves.

After the suit was filed, Retlzaff contacted Van Dyke to generously offer to let Van Dyke drop the suit against Retzlaff if Van Dyke paid him $75,000. That didn’t seem to work so Retzlaff has lawyered up. Amazingly, but not really too much of a surprise, Tommy Retzlaff’s lawyer is none other than Jeffrey Dorrell. 

Yes! Jeffrey Dorrell. The very lawyer who just had his ass spanked by the Texas Appellate Court for padding his legal costs in the lawsuit between Bullyville and Neal Rauhauser. The same lawyer whose ex-husband stole from him to support his cocaine habit. The same lawyer who claimed for years that he doesn’t even know Tom Retzlaff.

The battle between Proud Boy Jason and @Klansmann Tom Retzlaff is already heating up. Both love to fight (as long as it’s nothing physical) and they’re trading threats and insults.

Below is Retzlaff’s politely worded letter to Van Dyke withdrawing his settlement offer and letting JLVD know he has retained a lawyer.