Retzlaff Makes Terroristic Death Threats Again

Once again Tom Retzlaff posted an “ISIS” Jihad article on his little blog calling for the death and decapitation of several people, including children. He also posted the pictures of women and underage girls along with lewd sexual comments. To top it all off, he ended his article with instructions for making assorted bombs.The post was up for less than 24 hours before Retzlaff took it down, which is no surprise. The article was identical to one he posted last May for a day or two until he took it down. The only difference this year is that Retzlaff added Texas lawyer, Jason Lee Van Dyke, to the hit list.So along with Van Dyke, the list of people Retzlaff wants dead include Bullyville, aka James McGibney, and his lawyers, Evan Stone and Jay Leiderman. Private Investigator Phil Klein and his lawyer John Morgan also made the list. I’m also there along with Catty Idiot.

Retzlaff first posted his ISIS article last year in May not long after the first hearing for the harassment complaints filed against me in New Jersey. That’s also when he published an article with the picture and contact info of my lawyer. Rauhauser and his friend, Buckwheat, were in contact with Retzlaff at that time so it’s not hard to guess where Retzlaff got the information or why he posted it. It wasn’t a random act of stalking.Reposting the ISIS article last night wasn’t random either. Yes, it was the one year anniversary since the first time he posted it but now, a year later, the Texas Appellate court has overturned the judgment against Bullyville in the Rauhauser lawsuit. The Appellate court spoke rather contemptuously of Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, and accused him of padding his legal bill. The complainant in the harassment case against me was charged with contempt of court last week and recently, Jason Van Dyke filed a lawsuit against Retzlaff so Tommy and his long time companion and lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell, will be fighting Jason Lee Van Dyke in court.Reposting the ISIS article was Tommy’s way of waving his hands in the air so people will notice him. Most people I know grew tired of him long ago and don’t pay attention to him or his blog. Hopefully, the Van Dyke lawsuit will get Retzlaff a whole new audience, composed of Proud Boys and other Alt Right groups, who will find his grade school shenanigans amusing. He’ll need less words and more pictures tho.

You can see a redacted version of last year’s ISIS post here on irontroll.