Judge Schools Trump On First Amendment

I don’t think there’s ever been a president as ill informed about Civil Rights as Trump.

A federal district court judge has ruled that Trump can’t block people on Twitter. In doing so, he’s discriminating against their opinions on a public forum and infringing on their first amendment rights.

Considering all the dirt and dirty deals being exposed about his administration, this might appear to be a minor issue but that’s far from the truth. Trump has been fighting against the first amendment since he first started his campaign for president. He just doesn’t get free speech.

The lawsuit against Trump was filed by the Knight First Amendment Institute on behalf of several people who were blocked by Trump on Twitter. I’m familiar with the Institute through their involvement with my lawyers on the case, State of New Jersey v. Burkert which was argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court last year.

Both lawsuits reaffirmed the first amendment, that speech cannot be restricted by the government. In Trump’s case, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald instructed that Trump is free to ignore people’s comments and use his Mute button so he doesn’t have to see comments but he can’t prohibit people from expressing their opinions by blocking them.

Unfortunately we can’t stop Trump from his Twitter rants either…