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Trump To Ban Scientology

Thanks to the recent decision by SCOTUS on the Muslim ban, Trump can now rid America of Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Sources close to the White House tell us Trump plans to ban entry into America by people or thetans from the Galactic Confederacy and deport any Galactic Confederacy aliens currently in the United States. This is another bold

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Cohen Denied Restraining Order Against Avenatti

Michael Cohen was denied an emergency restraining order against Michael Avenatti  today. U.S. District Judge James Otero determined Cohen wasn’t able to satisfactorily prove he would suffer “immediate, irreparable injury” and so decided against Cohen’s request. The restraining order was essentially an attempt to shut Avenatti up, to keep him off talk shows and news programs. Each television appearance or

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New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

Yes, once again the harassment hearings have been delayed. This is the 14th month since the first harassment complaint was filed against me in Passaic County, New Jersey last year. It looks like it will be going for at least another month since we received word yesterday that today’s hearing for the (now) 3 harassment complaints against me and the

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TrumpGate; Manafort Indicted Again

  Here’s the full indictment that Robert Mueller filed against Paul Manafort today. This time the charges against Manafort include obstruction. He’s lucky that being really, really dumb isn’t a crime. The 32 page indictment is below. As you read it, keep in mind that the Treasury Department has a meeting with the Bank of Cypress earlier this week which

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