Roger Stone Owes 1.4 Million In Back Taxes

Trump is tweeting about Paul Manafort after not mentioning him for months.

It looks like Trump is trying to downplay his involvement with Manafort by convincing Twitter that he wasn’t around very long. But Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager for 5 months and that was long enough for him to pick Mike Pence for Trump’s VP.

It’s interesting that Manafort’s name comes up after a former employee of Roger Stone testified before Mueller’s grand jury on Friday. It was Stone who talked Trump into hiring Manafort as his new campaign manager after Corey Lewandowski was fired.

Of all the shady people involved in the assorted corruption threads being investigated by Mueller, one of the shadiest is Roger Stone. He’s been involved in the dark side of politics for decades, earning a reputation for using dirty tricks in the Nixon era right on up to the Trump regime.

It’s that reputation and Stone’s penchant for bragging that has Mueller’s team turning their magnifying glass on Stone and his finances. An earlier post I did about Stone questioned his need to use professional fund raisers to raise money to pay for defense lawyers (that post is here) when he’s supposedly a multi-millionaire. Stone promoted his fund raising campaign on his website, making preposterous claims to convince his far right conspiracy theorist fans to donate.

The left knows that any time and energy I have to spend to defend this bogus lawsuit is focus I cannot put on defeating the Deep State Coup D’état now taking place with the Generals seizing control of the White House and Robert Mueller as the designated Lord High Executioner.  -Roger Stone

Stone is claiming he’s being used by Mueller to get to Trump. Of course. That’s how investigations work. But it was Stone’s boasts about Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Gucciver 2.0 that attracted Mueller’s attention. And Stone’s strange finances.

Broward County records show that the IRS has liens against Roger Stone that total nearly one and a half million dollars. That’s a lot of debt for someone who screams about corruption and deep state conspiracies. According to the records, the IRS assessed he owes them back taxes for every year from 2006 to 2011 for a total of $1,478,729.

There’s no way to tell if Roger’s made any payments on these liens but the first one is due to expire in October of this year. I think the amount of debt owed by someone who has the ear of the president justifies Mueller investigating Stone.

The Broward County records are posted below the break.

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