Hardware Hick Reasserts Hate With No Gays Allowed Sign

No Gays Allowed has been trending all day in the US. 

After the Supreme Court made its ruling on Gay marriage in 2015, a hardware store owner in Tennessee named Jeff Amyx hung a “Gays Not Allowed” sign in the window of his store. He did it again this year after the Supreme Court made its ruling on the Masterpiece Cakeshop because asshat. 

Legally speaking, the Supreme Court decision didn’t change a thing for, or against, LGBT rights. Any possibility to clearly establish equal rights for LGBT was lost much earlier when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed a lack of neutrality in dealing with the plaintiff and his religious beliefs. The decision was based on how the plaintiff was treated in Colorado. 

That made the decision in the case a narrow one, meaning it really only applies to the specific case and the specific people involved in that case rather than the broader issue of LGBT rights.

However, the goofy guy in Tennessee, who’s also a minister, decided it was a victory for discrimination and rehung his No Gays Allowed sign. This got his business trolled big time on Yelp. I screen capped a few of the more amusing reviews before Yelp moderators remove them. You can see those below.


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