JoJo Camp To Be Released In 6 Months


The infamous Mime Strangler, JoJo Camp is scheduled to be released at Christmas time this year. The time sure flew by.

JoJo is up for parole in September but it’s hoped Colorado will make him serve his full sentence since he’s proven he can’t stop stalking and harassing others. 

Another blog reported that JoJo had a major victory in court so there’s been some alarm that JoJo might be out of prison already. This isn’t true. 

While incarcerated, JoJo kept himself busy by filing motion after motion with the Colorado court. Egged on in his fantasies by his dear friend and secret internet lolyer, Sue Basko, he came up with several conspiracy theories, chief among them was where his victim (a former girlfriend), witnesses and a detective all conspired together to frame JoJo of mime strangling. 

JoJo asked the court to prosecute the conspirators and the court denied his request, JoJo appealed and the Appeals Court reversed the decision. It’s this reversal that’s been misrepresented as a victory for JoJo.

The reversal had nothing to do with the specifics of the case (and by specifics I mean the insane conspiracy), the judgment was made on the court’s interpretation of what JoJo presented to the court and how they handled it.

It’s all explained very well in the 2 minute video clip below the donation request.

IMHO, the jailhouse recordings between JoJo and Basko show that his filing is questionable, but the analysis in the video below explains the Appeals Court decision.