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Popehat Declines

The legal gunfight between Tom Retzlaff and Jason Van Dyke continues in Texas but they also have another battle going online. Jason comments about Retzlaff on his Instagram and Retzlaff uses his blog to post articles and comments about Van Dyke. Fun! Retzlaff has been the defendant in a lot of harassment and stalking cases over the last twenty years

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Manafort Trial Delayed

Paul Manafort’s trial in Alexandria, Virginia, was to begin today. It’s been delayed a week, until July 31st, to give Manafort’s lawyers more time to go through tens of thousands of recently received documents entered into discovery over the past month. Considering all the evidence against Manafort, the delay seems rather pointless at this point, but one of the defense

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Van Dyke Injunction Hearing Set For August 9th

After smacking down defendant, Tom Retzlaff, motions yesterday, the judge approved a hearing for Van Dyke to argue for a preliminary injunction to have the court order Retzlaff to stop interfering in Jason Van Dyke’s business. If you take into consideration previous law suits involving Retzlaff-and there are a lot, Retzlaff was declared a vexatious litigant in Texas- it’s a

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Southern Harm; Reality Bites

You have to give Bravo credit for being masters of spin. Their Southern Charm reunion show addressed Thomas Ravenel’s absence, the sexual assault allegations against him and the #MeToo movement as if Bravo actually cared about people more than ratings.   Bravo is dealing with Ravenel like they did with Siggy. He’s out. His contract is over and he won’t

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