White House Twitter Account Crosses The Line

Blood on Trump's Hands and the White House

I don’t know who in hell was operating the @WhiteHouse Twitter account today but they might be in some trouble. 

The account sent out several tweets attacking Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

The tweets were in regards to statements the Senators made about ICE, however the White House tweets made incorrect accusations and seemed more like an attempt to incite harassment than an actual attempt to communicate. 

Harris and Warren aren’t the only people on Capitol Hill who’ve called for ICE to be investigated or disbanded recently, so it’s strange that they were the only ones singled out. One might think that Donald Trump himself had hacked the White House account…

Senator Harris, a lawyer and former Attorney General for California, responded by subtweet. I happened to be checking my timeline as she tweeted and I capped it.

It might just be me, but I’m thinking a twitter account for the White House should try to be as bipartisan as possible. It shouldn’t be attacking any members of Congress.
If a non-verified account had sent thise tweets it would have been locked out for hateful conduct in a heartbeat.

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