Southern Harm; Reality Bites

You have to give Bravo credit for being masters of spin. Their Southern Charm reunion show addressed Thomas Ravenel’s absence, the sexual assault allegations against him and the #MeToo movement as if Bravo actually cared about people more than ratings.

Bravo is dealing with Ravenel like they did with Siggy. He’s out. His contract is over and he won’t be getting a new one. After the final reunion show, there’ll probably be an announcement from Ravenel that he’s decided to leave the show to deal with his legal problems and to spend more time with his family. Bravo and Haymaker Productions will release a statement wishing him well, blah blah blah. The end.

For Mr. Ravenel anyway.

That would be typical of Bravo. They have a recipe for managing reality shows they stick to, no matter what happens. It was great that #MeToo issues were brought up, but so hypocritical. Bravo’s successful because of their Real Housewives franchise which consists of women bashing other women for the benefit of their viewers, who in turn, bash the Housewives and each other on social media. This is entertainment I guess.

It was strange that the cast got all up in their feels over women being mistreated yet nobody mentioned the woman who was the major victim of this season’s Southern Charm drama and will be part of Ravenel’s legal problems: Luzanne Otte.

At this point, it looks like Ms. Otte will be suing Ravenel, Ashley Jacobs and the blog, All About The Tea, for defamation. It’s possible more people may be named in the lawsuit, but we won’t know who the defendants are, or who did what to whom, until the suit is filed by her attorney, L. Lin Wood.

Details are still fuzzy at this point, but apparently and allegedly, someone (said to have once been a publicist for a Real Housewife) contacted Ravenel and others on behalf of All About The Tea offering positive coverage by AATT. I’m guessing there was a quid pro quo involved here, possibly money, but certainly exclusive tips…like emails from Luzanne Otte.

Apparently, the positive press promised by the blog included negative press about others. What Siggy Flicker would call a “False Narrative”, was created in articles, portraying Ms. Otte as a jealous and vengeful spurned ex-girlfriend of Ravenel who was harassing Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs.

This wasn’t true. Ms. Otte was smeared online and harassed offline.

Notices were sent months ago to several individuals, including Ravenel and Jacobs, demanding they cease and desist their harassment and defamation of Ms. Otte. The notices were ignored, which is why the matter will probably have to be settled in court.

Allegedly another bonus for a reality star affiliated with AATT was protection from negative press from other blogs and criticism by reality show fans. There was a trolling and smear campaign against bloggers and reality tv fans who didn’t like Ravenel or his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

But you won’t hear about any of this from Bravo.

A previous post on IronTroll revealed that All About The Tea became the property of a limited liability company called Blastoff Media Group in 2017. The person who owns the Blastoff Media website is Clay Edwards, a publicist who had Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodds as clients. I believe both of these RHOC cast members received favorable coverage from AATT during that year.

I wonder if people were also harassed on behalf of Gunvalson and Dodds?

Bravo has a history of ignoring the collateral damage surrounding their reality shows. Those who watch RHONJ know there was harassment going on during Season 8, and that ultimately led to Siggy Flicker getting fired (yes, she didn’t quit). Bravo was notified of the harassment several times before, and during, Season 8. And Bravo’s response?

“You must be mistaken.”

Obviously it’s no mistake. The harassment of reality show cast members and fans has been going on for years and been very well documented. The drama around Southern Charm is all too familiar to those of us targeted by reality show trolls in past years and some of the characters alleged to be involved are familiar too.

It’s hoped Luzanne Otte’s lawsuit might out those responsible more publicly and punish them enough to knock it off. And maybe it will put an end to celebrities hiring trolls to harass people who don’t like them.

Okay, probably not. But we can hope.

2 thoughts on “Southern Harm; Reality Bites

  1. Hello, Within the last 6 months with idle time during the pandemic I have watched an insane amount of Bravo reality TV. This behavior was the catalyst for reading about gossip about say a few Bravo Housewives on various blogs, site and YouTube channels. A dominant reoccurring theme was the negativity and deceptive tactics of individuals who work with All About The Tea from Monica who manages their Twitter and conducts YouTube “interviews” to various other employees. This prompted me to research the owner of site. It lead me to your site. I also saw the following video about Monica on Sharrell’s World YouTube channel the other day. It was uploaded in October. I recently became familiar with this YouTube channel.

    Do you have any updates about this company?
    Is Clay Edwards the real owner or a front?

    Thank you.

    1. From what I’ve seen publicly, the BlastOff company didn’t last a year. This may have had something to do with the firing of Ravenel, since he and his girlfriend were giving Tea scoops in exchange for positive press. As a PR person, Clay Edwards would be more of a front than an owner. The actual owners of the defunct business would have been Kenya Harrison (Monica) and Vincenza Spina (FauxReality) who keep their identities secret. Clay Edwards still does PR, though his business seems closed. According to his FB, he works for the Grand Ole Opry.

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