Manafort Trial Delayed

Paul Manafort’s trial in Alexandria, Virginia, was to begin today. It’s been delayed a week, until July 31st, to give Manafort’s lawyers more time to go through tens of thousands of recently received documents entered into discovery over the past month.

Considering all the evidence against Manafort, the delay seems rather pointless at this point, but one of the defense lawyers stated that documents from electronic devices belonging to Manafort’s partner, Richard Gates, were the heart of the case. Those comprise about half of the 120,000 pages received by Manafort’s lawyers over the past month.

The trial in Alexandria is the first of two that Manafort is dealing with. Even though it hasn’t started yet, this is the case that made the news recently when the judge ordered the names of 5 witnesses be revealed. These individuals will be testifying against Manafort in exchange for immunity. Manafort has been charged with financial crimes involving 30 million dollars he secretly earned as an agent for former Ukraine president, Viktor Yanukovych. The 5 people testifying are all connected to financial institutions where Manafort allegedly hid or laundered the 30 million.

There will be a high volume demand for popcorn in August and the fall.