Van Dyke Injunction Hearing Set For August 9th

Jason Van Dyke, Tom Retzlaff Injunction Hearing Set

After smacking down defendant, Tom Retzlaff, motions yesterday, the judge approved a hearing for Van Dyke to argue for a preliminary injunction to have the court order Retzlaff to stop interfering in Jason Van Dyke’s business.

If you take into consideration previous law suits involving Retzlaff-and there are a lot, Retzlaff was declared a vexatious litigant in Texas- it’s a good bet Retzlaff will ignore any injunction issued by the court. 

It’s been alleged that Retzlaff has some sort of legal game going where he harasses someone until that individual files a lawsuit against Retzlaff, which in turn allows Retzlaff to file a countersuit to get the case dismissed. If the suit gets dismissed, then he’s awarded legal feeds and punitive damages. So far, this hasn’t worked for Retzlaff, but he keeps on trying.

Below the donation request, you’ll find Van Dyke’s request for an injunction. Note that Retzlaff send an email to Retzlaff’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, and in less than a 90 minutes that email was posted on the website alleged to belong to Retzlaff.

Like Van Dyke says, Retzlaff clearly plans to continue his harassment campaign throughout the trial unless an injunction is issued. Though that probably won’t stop either of them from fighting online.

This is one of those lawsuits where you can’t hope the best man wins, because there isn’t one.


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  1. Mazzant issued another order a few days ago giving Retzlaff and his lawyers a spanking for unprofessional conduct. It's the order on the motion to stay which I think probably means that this hearing is not happening

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